Seeking God In Caesarea

Outside of the Holy Spirit's descending upon the church on the Day of Pentecost & the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, one of the most important events in all of Christendom took place right here in Caesarea, the inclusion of the Gentiles into the Christian Church. Remember that Peter was in Joppa at the home of Simon the Tanner (Acts 10:9-16) when three times God spoke to him in a vision. He saw unclean animals & insects falling to him from heaven & God's voice telling him 'Do not call unclean what God has cleansed.' 
Meanwhile in Caesarea a Roman Centurion & God fearing man who prayed daily named Cornelius was met by an angel who instructed him to fetch Peter to his home. Three Gentiles were sent to fetch Peter that he might share with them the wonderful works of Jesus. 
Peter understood that the vision of God was concerning these Gentiles who were seeking the Lord, that he should not call common or unclean whom God had cleansed & sanctified! As Peter spoke & taught the Gentiles about Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Bible says in Acts 10:44-48 that the Holy Spirit fell upon all them that heard the word with signs following. 
God used two servants of His who were seeking Him to usher in a mighty moment in Christian History! Are you seeking Him?! (1 Chron.16:11) Are you preparing your heart to hear the voice of the Lord!? What might He say to you that might make for another mighty moment in Christian History? We'll have to wait and see! Deut.4:29 says ' the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.'