2019 Israel Missions Trip Thoughts

Monday (Nov.4th) Flight from Denver to London 
We were able to take a bus tour through the city of London and eat together at a restaurant as well as pick up some souvenirs. It was a jolly old time!
Tuesday (Nov.5th) Arrive in London at 9:30am & 9pm flight to Tel Aviv
Wednesday (Nov.6th) We arrived early in Tel Aviv around 5am rented a car and headed to our home for the week in the beautiful hills of Har Adar just outside of Jerusalem. The highlight of my trip was the morning rooftop devotions as the sun rose. On this first day we served at the Alliance Church Cemetery and swept up the place and did some yard work. The garden has a mural on the wall that divides it from its neighbors and depicts the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Pray for every visitor of this cemetery who walks this wall and sees the story of the Gospel unfold in great artistic fashion. Later we visited some an old army tank cemetery and had an amazing falafel.
Thursday (Nov.7th) We sorted food at the Leket Food Shelter and packed and sorted 5.5 tons of eggplant, sweet potato, kohlrabi, potato and cucumber which will feed hundreds of Israeli families in need. Later that evening we visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and all left with very heavy hearts at the massacre of millions of Jews. The hatred in the heart of mankind can only be healed by Jesus. He is the only one who can change the heart and the heart of the problem is a problem of the heart. 
Friday (Nov.8th) We served in the Forest Hill country of Ein Kerem with Alon, his son Itai and wife Noa. It was a very fruitful time creating a pathway for future visitors to this natural area. Later we visited what may be the actual site of the Emmaus story in Luke 24. Very vivid scenery that makes you think that you were there. This evening sundown is Shabbat and our hosts Larry and Bess Herzekow served us a Shabbat dinner. 
Saturday (Nov.9th) We toured the biblical site called En Gedi where David fled, hid and encountered King Saul, floated in the Dead Sea and took a trolley to the historic fortress of Masada.
Sunday (Nov.10th) We evangelized the IDF soldiers at the Central Bus Station, walked through ‘the Shuk’ and Ben Yehuda market and finished off the day with the King of Kings Church Service.
Monday (Nov.11th) We headed for the Old City and visited the Hill of Golgotha, Mount Moriah from a distance and then the Garden Tomb with communion. Later we took a walk on the Ramparts (wall of Jerusalem) and prayed at the Kotel (Western Wall). Later we visited the Christ’s Church Museum and had a wonderful spaghetti dinner at home. Abondanza! 
Tuesday (Nov.12th) We headed north to the Galilee and enjoyed a boat ride and devotion at the Sea of Galilee. Lunchtime included a fish lunch at St.Peter’s Restaurant. We also toured the city of Capernaum the home of Peter and headquarters for Jesus’ Galilee ministry. It was also where Matthew (Levi) set up shop as a tax collector. After touring we served with Jordan Marcelino the Italian Jew and the Beautiful Land initiative and picked up bags of trash that was left on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Jordan left the wealth of Detroit, Hollywood & Tennessee to answer the call to clean up the land of Israel. Thousands volunteer yearly to help clean up the debris in Israel. 
Wednesday (Nov.13th) We served with the Joseph Project today and sorted through boxes of donated clothing and housewares that are donated to the needy families in Israel. Later we visited the Valley of Elah where David slew the giant Goliath. The same region where Samson is from is nearby. We came home for a good old fashion Mexican dish ‘Arroz con Pollo.’ Thank you Larry and Bess Herzekow for your hospitality, we are forever indebted to you for the experience and our prayers are lifted up on your behalf and ministry in the Lord’s beloved land. 
Thursday (Nov.14th) Flight back home from Tel Aviv to Munich, Germany to Denver, Colorado. 
What a blessed trip! Pray for the ministry of Beit Rachamim and Larry & Bess Herzekow who lead the ministry to the Jewish people.